Why Setting Your Homepage Matters


Among the most underappreciated things in all of Internet security is the homepage.

In fact, it's importance goes beyond security. It affects three things:

  1. Security
  2. Speed
  3. Sanity


In this video, we discuss why setting your homepage to one specific thing is the only way to go. (And, most people have never even heard of it!)

Here's what you get:

  1. Browsers open faster.
  2. New tabs open faster.
  3. More control of your time online.
  4. huge tip-off if a specific kind of malware has sneaked past your defenses and infected your PC


We talk all the time about antivirus software, but none of 'em are perfect (as I talked about in my last post, When Antivirus Software Fails You) and showed in detail in this video exposing a banking-related trojan.

In any event, setting your homepage as we show in this video, is the way to go.




A Preview of What's Next


THREE short days ago, I promised you we were working on something big.

(If you missed that blog / email, here's a one sentence recap: My dear friend Mike's recent, sudden passing gave me the impetus to help our subscribers more than we are.)



We want to do better by you.

There are a TON of subscribers like you who have questions about their PC and NEED answers who end up not getting things fixed (or end up with lousy solutions) because they don't think to ask us because we're "just" antivirus guys (which just isn't true.)

We're not just talking about PC security or optimization. We're talking about getting your PC to finally work for you the way it's supposed to. We’re talking complete PC mastery.



Now that we're putting rubber to the road to solve these vexing problems, your insight means everything.

Do us a favor: Tell us what would make the biggest difference for you.

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