Firefox 6 Released. Does it Matter?

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Firefox 6 Released. Does it Matter?

Kevin R. Smith

With Mozilla Firefox now releasing its third full release in its new "rapid release" schedule, there definitely reason to upgrade for most people.

The most noticeable improvement is in the address bar, which now puts emphasis on the domain name to help thwart phishing attacks.

As you can (hopefully) see the emphasis, while subtle, is definitely there.

I've found as I got used to using it, the emphasis was easier to spot.

Personally, I love the feature; I just wish it were even more prominent.

Opera, in their version 11 took a different approach, removing everything but the domain name itself from the address bar. Thus:


While that approach is probably good to some extent, particularly for new users, it's also frustrating because it requires you to click on the address bar to reveal the full website address.

Luckily, you can easily revert to displaying the full website address in Opera through by typing opera:config into the Opera address bar.

Whatever the case, that web browsers are trying through a host of technological means to make it harder for the malware writers to take over peoples' PCs is a good thing.

Bottom line: yes, it's worth upgrading.

Regardless of what antivirus software you're running, keeping your web browser updated is a smart thing to do. After all, most virus and malware attacks do come in via the web, so why not give yourself every technological advantage?


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