Conficker Removal Tool Released

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Conficker Removal Tool Released

Kevin R. Smith

Score one for the good guys today!

Our friends at BitDefender, which we regard as among the best antivirus software available, have released the first tool aimed at removing the Conficker / Conflicker / Downandup virus.

This worm, which we've covered quite a bit here, has been notoriously pesky... and notoriously pesky to remove.

The news was covered in many places, including in this article on the Conficker removal tool.

The folks at BitDefender, long known as makers of top antivirus software, have managed a praiseworthy technical feat, especially given how long Conficker has been causing havoc for PC owners and antivirus companies alike.

If you think you've been infected by Conficker, here's where you can find BitDefender's Conficker / Downandup Removal Tool.

Come to think about it, it's probably a good idea to keep a copy of this removal tool on a CD or keychain drive, regardless of whether or not you've been infected by the worm.


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