Virus infection wreaks havoc with Royal Navy Warships

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Virus infection wreaks havoc with Royal Navy Warships

Kevin R. Smith

Not wasting any time in 2009, the virus writers have already gotten started. The Register, an online technology site based in the U.K. brings news about the email virus outage that has shut down "a small number" of Ministry of Defense (MoD) systems.

Among the affected systems were admin networks among the Royal Navy's warships. According to the article:

"The Navy computers infected are the NavyStar (N*) system, based on a server cabinet and cable-networked PCs on each warship and used for purposes such as storekeeping, email and similar support functions. N* ship nets connect to wider networks by shore connection when vessels are in harbour and using satcomms when at sea."

The article goes on to quote a spokesperson with the MoD as saying, "There have been no infections detected on any networks with sensitive information."

Assuming they're not just covering their butts on this, at least the most critical information is still safe, but in any case, it leads us here to ask:

This isn't the first high-profile PC virus outbreak in the U.K. in the past few years. Another computer virus outbreak affected (and shut down) the networks at three hospitals.

Whatever the reason for the outbreaks, whether it's a technology problem or human error, we're always sorry to hear about such outbreaks. It's bad enough as consumers to have such concerns, but when viruses start to affect major networks like these, it's truly maddening.


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