Worms in Samsung Digital Picture Frames??

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Worms in Samsung Digital Picture Frames??

Kevin R. Smith

Contrary to some reports that some Samsung 8-inch digital photo frames had worms, the frames themselves don't have worms but the installer discs do. (How's that for an unwanted Christmas present?)

As far as consumers are concerned, there's no difference.

A virus is a virus, and this is an unfortunate black eye for Samsung with their vast electronics / computer empire.

Trend Micro discusses this digital picture frame virus at their blog, and what we've learned now is that the Samsung's SPF-85H 8-Inch digital photo frame disc was infected with the W32.Sality.AE / Sality worm straight from the factory.

The bad news isn't that it's just infected with the worm, but that it's infected with a particularly nasty variant that includes a keylogger according to the folks at Sophos antivirus.

From what we've learned so far, this looks like, while definitely a nasty virus, it's one that all the best antivirus software already detects, so just make sure your definitions are up-to-date and that your software is running, and that should keep your computer safe.

Samsung has posted a clean version here: Samsung SPF-85H drivers.

If you purchased this frame (or got it as a gift), you can find more details here: Amazon Samsung picture frame advisory.


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