The Young Whippersnappers Aren't As Smart As They Think

The Young Whippersnappers Aren't As Smart As They Think Frequent readers of our blog and newsletter will know that aside from reviewing antivirus software, we also preach a good sermon about security in general and about how to make good passwords and password management. The fine folks at gigya.com, a company that specializes in identity management, know a thing... Read more


"400% Surge In Phishing Attacks This Tax Season" Says The IRS*

The bad guys are in full force this tax season. With so many people doing their taxes online this year, the phishing community is out to snag as many victims as possible. Even if you don't do your taxes online, the phishers still trick lots of people into entering sensitive... Read more


The Ugly Truth About "Ransomware"

The Ugly Truth About On Feb 18, the entire computer system at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center was locked and held for ransom. The hackers who easily infiltrated the hospital's system locked and encrypted all of the hospital's medical files and computers making it impossible to work and help patients. The hackers demanded $17,000 to... Read more


Apple / Mac Antivirus Software

Apple / Mac Antivirus Software Since we began the site in 2006 the marketshare of the Mac / OS X has grown steadily. In terms of both competition and reducing the amount of homogeneity in the computing ecosystem. This is a good thing. In contrast, if every computer in the world were the same, it... Read more


Emsisoft Tool to Decrypt DecryptorMax

Emsisoft Tool to Decrypt DecryptorMax Softpedia has a nice write up on the new Emsisoft tool to decrypt the DecryptorMax ransomware (aka CryptInfinite). This tool is great news for the good guys and for the consumers who've been affected by this scumware. If your PC is infected with this malware, you can download decrypt_cryptinfinite.exe (the... Read more