2011 Security Research Grant/Gift Award Winners

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2011 Security Research Grant/Gift Award Winners

Kevin R. Smith

Advanced virus detection techniques, Firefox plugins, apps that keep your private data safe on your smart phone, and Wi-Fi network hacking drones are just a start this year.

The list of the ten winning recipients from our 2011 Security Research Grant/Gift Fund this year is incredibly impressive.

Each of the projects is very, very good in its own right; so good that any of them could have won our top award.

As it turns out, our top award went to Kevin Roundy and his research advisor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Computer Science Department, Dr. Barton P. Miller, for their project SD-Dynist which is helping figure out some of the cunning things the virus writers are up to and what they're doing to try to beat the best antivirus software and avoid detection.

Each of the winning projects we're helping fund offers something unique, but they all have one thing in common: making the Internet safer for us all.

Complete details about winning projects can be found here:

2011 Security Research Grant/Gift Award Winners

Thank you and congratulations to all the great projects of 2011--and the great minds behind them!


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