Make the Web Safer, Get $10,000

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Make the Web Safer, Get $10,000

Kevin R. Smith

Well, it's not quite that easy for most of us, but this week I was delighted to learn the Dragon Research Group, a security resarch organization, awarded their 2011 Security Innovation Grant (a $10,000 grant) to NoScript, a free and outstanding security add-on for Mozilla Firefox.

About the $10,000 grant, Giorgio Maone, who leads NoScript's development, said,
The grant will fund the effort to merge the current two development lines, i.e. 'traditional' NoScript for desktop environments and NSA (NoScript 3.0 alpha for Android, generously aided by the NLNet Foundation).

" will support the implementation of a desktop UI [and] will allow an unified 'NoScript Anywhere' package to be installed indifferently on PCs and mobile devices, sharing the same configuration and permissions everywhere via secure remote synchronization.
In non-geek speak: your Android phone and your PC will be able to share NoScript configuration data, and they'll be easy to use, too.

If you're a fan of Firefox, which we are here, running NoScript adds another layer of security to your web surfing; it's great to see DRG recognizing how important NoScript is and to help fund its continued development.

If you haven't used Firefox in a while (or haven't updated yours in a while), here's where you can Download Firefox.

As for NoScript, it works by blocking scripts like Javascript and other embedded elements on every web page you encounter 'til you specifically permit them to run. Nice.

The first week or so you're running NoScript, like a software firewall, it needs a little training to get it to understand what sites you regularly visit and are "trusted," but after that, it's always on guard against the rogue site doing things it shouldn't to your PC.

Josh, this site's other editor, likes to call it the "firewall for Firefox." Sure, techies may take umbrage with his metaphor, but it gets the point across: NoScript blocks things from happening in and to Firefox.

Regardless of whether or not you run antivirus or Internet security software, NoScript adds another layer of security to Firefox and to your PC and information security.

It's definitely worth a look.


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