Android Smartphone Malware Detected by F-Secure

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Android Smartphone Malware Detected by F-Secure

Kevin R. Smith

Let me start by saying, "You heard it here first. The bad guys are going to start targeting Smartphones/cell phones in a big way soon--probably within the next 6-12 months."

That said, this one doesn't fall into that category because you do get a warning from the Droid phone telling you what it's going to do.

Thanks to F-Secure for posting the original pic of this malware in action.

So, if you see a warning message like this, and you still click "Install," you can't really fault your phone. It's just doing what you told it to do.

And would smartphone antivirus software have stopped it?

(In the case of F-Secure's "Mobile Security," they claim it does in their piece on the Droid Malware.)

Now let's ask the real question here: if you get this malware on your phone, who's to blame here?

A) The user for installing it or
B) The cell phone manufacturer for allowing any program to do these types of actions.


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