Spam Filters & SSL: What Should I Do?

Spam Filters & SSL: What Should I Do? We got a great question in Ye Olde Mailbag today from Jean-Claude in Montreal, Canada. He asks, I installed Vipre. Their SPAM FILTERING does not support SSL connections. "Here is a note from their text: "NOTE: Spam filtering will only function for POP3 configurations set to port 110, by default,... Read more


Shellshock and Heartbleed: Are You At Risk?

By the time news of most exploits hit mainstream media, the exploits have long been "in the wild," infecting computers the world over. By this time, the media seizes on the news and goes after it like a pack of sharks who've smelled blood in the water. So, are these... Read more


Internet Blackout for Thousands This Monday. Are You One of Them?

Is this a hoax, or some kind of Y2K scare tactic? Unfortunately, it's very real for about 65,000 U.S. citizens. I'll give you the good new first: if you've been running antivirus software for the past couple of years, you're probably fine and won't be affected. All the major antivirus... Read more


SpyEye is Back to Steal Your Money

Back in 2010 a very clever and sophisticated botnet hit the hacking world called "SpyEye." Over the next couple of years, this malware package has been responsible for over $100 million dollars stollen from small to mid-sized business in the US and abroad. What is SpyEye? If it weren't so... Read more


How Prevalent Is Fake Antivirus Software?

Over the past couple of years, we've gotten a lot of calls and emails from people who've been infected by fake antivirus software. I took a call myself from Joyce in Philadelphia late last week. She told me about how she had to wire money to India to get the... Read more


Should I Be Concerned about the Flame Worm?

Since it was uncovered, there's been a lot of (mis)information on what Flame is, how it works, and what's at risk. Let's take a look... Read more


Five Great Firefox Add-Ons You're Not Using... (But Should Be)

Like anything, some Firefox Add-Ons are great, some are meh, and some are crap. What we've got here, my friends, is a list of the top five Add-Ons we like most (and use.) Read more


Norton Antivirus vs McAfee AntiVirus 2012: Head-to-Head Comparison

Norton and McAfee are easily the two best names in antivirus software. With their 2012 versions, which one provides better protection and better value? Read more


Temporary Fix to Avira Antivirus / Internet Security 2012 Blocking Applications

A recent update to Avira is causing it to block legitimate applications, thus rendering many PCs all but unusable since even basic programs like Notepad won't start. Avira has a Knowledge Base article on how to work around the problem, but there's no word (yet) on when a full-fledged fix is due. Read more


Incredible Analysis of Flashback/Fakeflash OSX Trojan

In one of the finest examples of research into the workings of malware most people are likely to ever see, Alexander Gostev of Kaspersky Antivirus begins a full analysis of Flashback/Flashfake, the Mac OSX Trojan. According to Alexander's research, it looks like Flashfake began its infections via hacked Wordpress blogs, first in the form of social engineering then via actual exploits. Read more